Welcome to Visym Collector!

Visym Collector is a global platform for collecting large scale consented video datasets of people for visual AI applications. Collector is able to record, annotate and verify custom video datasets of rarely occurring activities for training visual AI systems, at an order of magnitude lower cost than existing methods. Our distributed data collection team is spread over five continents and fifty countries to collect unbiased datasets for global visual AI applications.

This community forum was launched for the collector community. The collector team will use this forum to announce new collections, and share updates on our progress in pushing the state of the art in consented data for Visual AI. Please feel free to ask questions or to interact with the other collectors from around the world.

Here is some material to get you started as a new Collector:


Visual AI is built on the foundation of high quality data. Your contributions will help push the state of the art in AI research, and on behalf of Visual AI research groups around the world, we thank you for your contributions. Welcome!