PIP campaign

Hi Jeff,

My partner and I are not able to see any actions in the app.

Hi Jeff,

My partner is able to see the actions in the app but I’m still unable. If you could kindly check on my account

Hi Everyone,

Please rest assured if I have emailed you, you will be on the waiting list to be onboarded for this project. If you are already on the LLFR project you are also on the waiting list.

As Jeff has advised they are slowly rolling out the collections for this project, we will get to you in time so please be patient.



All, please note that each day between 8-10am EDT your PIP project will be refreshed with new collections for the day. There may be a brief transition period (~5-10 minutes) where no collections are visible to you, so if you experience this, please check back in-app after a few minutes.


Dear Jebyrne!
It’s been some time since PIP collectionhave started, with invitation via mail in our respected mail box but me and my partner have not received it yet. Please Comfirm when will we receive our invitation.

Best regards
Musaddiq Abbas

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Hey Jeff!

Its been some time since this PIP campaign have started, and collector have been invited through mail, but me and my patner have not receive Visym invitation yet. Please comfirm how long it will take to receive it. Thanks

Best Regards
Meesum Abbas


Hi @jebyrne
Thank you for letting us being part of the project again!
However, once we downloaded the app it doesn’t show us the collections! Can you help us?


Hello @jebyrne
We are not able to see the PIP campaign, can you help us, please


Thank you

Please do not send multiple messages. I have replied on another thread to your question

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Hi @jebyrne
There are a few questions that we we need you to address. Firstly, sometimes there’s a rating that we want to dispute or atleast get a clarification to avoid similar mistakes in the future. For instance in This example, it is marked as ‘box too big’ while we think there’s not much room to further tighten the box around the subject. What should we do in these situations?
Secondly, there are a few collections like jumping Jacks where limbs stick far out from the body. Some example videos show arms going out of the box since its quite a challenge to track them accurately. We wanna know is that okay if limbs touch or slightly cross the box?
Lastly, please consider reducing collection repeat time limit from 18 hours to something a bit lower so that we have a bit more flexibility. Thanks


Hello, Team!

Between videos 18 hours now?

Before it was 12 hours, actually we didn’t know about that, so our first videos for this new collections are marked like FALSE, and the videos were recorded only between 10-60 mins before the 18 hours time limit…

Could you review this please?

Also consider if I want to make a video in the evening and next day If I want to make a video in the morning because we can get busy…

Yes, that example should be OK, and the reviewers are learning to accept them. There is no formal mechanism for dispute at this time, but as long as at least half of the activities in a video are good, then the video is paid out. That specific video should be paid out for you.

As long as the body of the person is within the box, that is acceptable. The reviewers are learning to accept this also.

We want to force people to collect the next day, hence the 18 hours. We will relax it to 16 hours.


Hi Jeff,

I have suggestion about the app. Normally before shoot task we need to load and watch the example video.

My suggestion in the future there is enable “skip” button to watch example video. The video is good for new collector. Maybe for the other collecter they are familiar with the task can skip the video and do the task.

Sometimes the video loading to slow because of low coverage and also use big Internet data.



That’ll be helpful

Yes, this feature has already been implemented and is pending rollout. We’re testing the threshold at which we disable the training videos for an individual collector based on the quality of the historical submissions, and we need a minimum number of ratings to enable this.

Keep the suggestions coming, thanks!


That is great. Thumb up.

Hi Jeff
@jebyrne @LeanneTwine
I hope you are doing good.
Brother, there is an argument I want to discuss and I want you to please consider my points.
When we joined you via Twine there was clearly mentioned that one video will be of 3.3$ and it was. Your team started decreasing and decreasing. No one said anything, no word from your side that why the prices are decreased and none of the collectors bothered to ask. There is no issue to decrease the prices but you should decrease it to some limit, I’m making videos from probably the start of this PIP project and the price was 1.1$ we all accepted but new collection prices are again decreased to 0.75 to 0.25$, brother, please at least stay to the half(1.5$) what was promised to us while we joined. If you can’t do that then, please stay around 1$.
We are working hard brother, it takes 3 to 4 hours to make good collections, doing activity, reviewing it than editing it, it takes our energy to stay on that height for 3 to 4 hours, but it hurts when we see the prices of videos.
Please consider my points.
My points are not to hurt your feelings, I just want you to please increase prices.
(For Collectors)
Please like my comment if you agree with my points so that Jeff knows I’m right or wrong.

Thanks and Regards
Safeer & Sehrish


Hi, all of the prices are clearly shown in the description of the videos, and are also shown on your private dashboard which you can monitor in near real-time after submission. We also described the pricing in the PIP campaign launch in this thread above:

“The pricing of each collection depends on the complexity, so some pay more based on how long we expect them to take or how difficult they are to perform correctly.”

We have learned a lot over the past year about how long it takes to submit these videos, and the pricing reflects these lessons learned. We are working hard to make this campaign scalable to many people in many parts of the world, and this means adapting our collection parameters as needed. Furthermore, we are opening up more collections to submit, so even though the overall price for each video may be lower, the maximum achievable price per day is larger.

I apologize if this was not clear, and if there was an expectation by collectors who have been with us for a while that the pricing parameters we set two years ago would be the same as today. We will work to be more transparent moving forward.



Also, thank you for pointing out the pricing of $0.25 for “Accidentally trip on a hard object on the floor and fall down, then lay on floor”. This pricing was entered incorrectly and should have been $1.25. We will correct this moving forward.


Yes you are right brother, when this PIP campaign started there was 44 person collection and it was a maximum achievable price per day but from last three to four days those are decreasing day by day. It was 44 than 27 than 24 and now its on 17. Brother if you can’t increase the prices than please increase the collection.

Thanks brother.