LLFR campaign


The first collection campaign will be a small trial effort called LLFR.

The LLFR campaign will be collecting consented video data of faces for “low light face recognition” research. One of the challenges of face recognition is identifying subjects in different lighting conditions, such as deep shadows or direct overhead sunlight. This data will help push the state of the art in this research area.

You will be tasked with collecting at most three videos of your face in three different lighting conditions. These videos will involve you taking a selfie video using the front camera of your face looking left/right/up/down while indoors, while outdoors in strong sunlight and while outdoors in shadow.

Some notes for the LLFR campaign:

  • The three collections for the LLFR campaign will be available to you in the mobile app later today.
  • All three collections can be submitted in the same day.
  • Please pay close attention to the training videos and the description here and try to replicate what you see.
  • Please be sure that the videos are at least 15 seconds long.
  • Make sure that the annotated object box is around your head and your head stays within the box.
  • Be sure to upgrade your app to the latest version before submitting. The public release of the app switched backends so you may need to create a new account in-app.
  • We have some reports of older android devices where the front camera causes an error. In this case, you may have a partner record you using the rear camera.
  • This is a very small trial collection which will be used to inform future research.

The larger campaign is being prepared for rollout and will be announced soon. Looking forward to working with you again.



Thanks Jeff!
One question, it’s only 3 videos or tomorrow we can do another 3 new videos?

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Hi Jeff,

I was not able to see the LLFR campaign in my Project folder. I have updated the app to the latest version. My account name is hipohauser@gmail.com. Can you help me? Thanks!

This collection is a pilot study only and is three videos total, not three videos each day.


The backend updates at 9am EDT with new collector assignments, but we accelerated it for you. If others do not see the collections, wait a day and they should show up.


Yea, @jebyrne actually I already did the videos but it doesn’t show up for my partner who is leilacamou@gmail.com
Hopefully tomorrow it’ll show up. Thanks

Try now.

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Amazing, working now. Grazie!

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Hi Jeff,
I still cannot log in to my accout. What is the reason and what should i do?


Hi Jeff,

I have already updated the app to the latest version, but I was still not able to see the task for this LLFR campaign in my project folder. My account name is muhdraimi06@gmail.com. Can you help me?

Thank You.

Great news Jeff, The activities haven’t shown up on my app even though it’s updated. My email is vicnyadi@gmail.com, and partners indakool@gmail.com

Hi the activities aren’t visible on my app as well. Email is elvis.waswa@gmail.com

Collectors who have been with us for a while will need to create new accounts in the new public app.


Hi, you both need to create new accounts in the new app.

We show that these are available for you. Try logging out of the app and logging in again.

This has been resolved.

All, note also that we are rolling this project out to collectors in stages. If you do not have this project assigned to you yet, then please stand by.



For this collection, be sure to use the activity button to note when the activity starts and ends. This button can be selected for the entire video, but should start when you start shaking your head, and end when you stop nodding your head.

If you receive the review feedback “incorrect label” or you see the caption “head” above the box instead of “head moves (indoors)” or “head moves (outdoors sun)” or “head moves (outdoors shade)” in your thumbnail for your video, it is it because you did not use the activity button.

Also, please be sure that one video contains the full sequence of nodding and shaking.

Great job so far!



Jeff please guide, this is one time project right? Just one time one video only?
Also when are regular collections rolling out?

Yes, three videos one time only. The big project is being prepped for rollout very soon.