Collector improvements

Hello, I was looking for a thread of suggestions but I didn’t find it… so I guess it’s okay if I create this topic.

First, I’d like to suggest a feature that could help to increase the speed of everyone’s workflow, and it would help especially people in countries with slow internet.

I’m from Venezuela, the country with the slowest broadband speeds in the world. Frequently we have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for a collection to upload or an example video to download :slightly_frowning_face: Naturally, it’s a problem… half of the job is waiting.

It would be better if all our videos could be saved in the app, and when we finish collecting everything, then we enter the upload queue to start the upload. We could even go to a place with better connection to submit all the videos.

And, in addition to the upload queue, I’d like to suggest the possibility to skip the download of the example videos. I understand that there is a rational concern that we could misunderstand the task to be done, but you could set a message to highlight the importance to watch the example video if there are doubts:

“Are you sure that you want to skip the example video? Please watch it if you have doubts.”

I’m convinced that these measures could expedite everyone’s workflow.


I agree with your suggestions and there is also an option for example video on repeated videos we have already watched the same so we can skip them and for new ones you must have to watch them


The idea of an option to skip example videos would be a great addition especially for those who have slow internet connections.

It would be great if we were allowed in the App to record multiple videos which will be saved in the App. At a convenient time all could be uploaded. The advantage is that we have WiFi connection at home. If we go outdoor to capture any video, we hile we are outdoors we cannot access the home internet connection. Therefore to upload the video for each instance we must go back home to access our internet connection, and head out again to capture the next video. This is inconvenient and time consuming especially if we travel long distances to reach the ideal spot for taking the video. The solution as cited above is to allow collectors to take multiple videos which can be stored in the App. These can be uploaded together when the internet connection is in access.

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@dannyEL @Spir @Hussnain Great suggestions, thanks for posting.

The example videos are currently disabled when our backend determines that you have exited your training period and no longer need to be shown training videos. However, we can further optimize how quickly we disable them. Also, uploading on wifi only is a feature that is in the development queue.



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Thank you very much for your response. It’s great to hear that things are shaping up for the better

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