Collector bugs


There’s this rare glitch sometimes and we have to redo the video. I uploaded it today accidentally.

Hi, this is likely due to the switch between landscape and portrait mode based on how you are holding the device. This is perhaps a little too sensitive. If you hold the device steady it should work correctly.

Ok.We’ll lock the phone on portrait mode to collect then.


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There is a typo in Load clothes in washing machine activity. It says, Pickup and unload . I guess it should be “Load Button” instead of unload… Thanks.

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This was intentional, but confusing. We’ll modify.


All, we have some reports of older android devices crashing when attempting to open the camera. We are looking into this, however in the mean time, I would recommend using a newer device or switching to iOS.


Hi, the videos end on their own automatically, before we finish them.

Hi, this is expected. There is a maximum length of 45 seconds per video enforced by the app.

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But sometimes it ends in 30 seconds or before

OK, yes that should not happen. Thanks for reporting.

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Hello, I guess this is the proper place to inform about this:

I noticed that the focus function of the app is automatic; however when the light of the place is not so bright (although it seems bright enough at the camera, and for my eyes), too often the app doesn’t set the focus properly. As there is no button to set the focus manually, there’s no way to solve this issue.

We were trying the first day to understand the cause of the problem, but only today (our second day) we understood that the focus function works well only when the lighting of the scene is very bright.

Perhaps a manual focus option could help

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If you tap on the screen on the foreground object, it should autofocus. The autofocus operation should be identical to your native camera app, since the app uses the native camera SDK to display the video. However, I agree that it is a bit awkward. Thanks for reporting.


Oh, I’ll try again, thanks.

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All, please note that the Profile → Stats “Verified” and “Not Verified” statistics are not being updated in-app right now. This is expected (but confusing) behavior. You can always check your dashboard to see the status of verified videos.


Hi again :wave: Well, I patiently tried again in all possible manners, but the autofocus function of the app still does not work.

As I said, the problem happens when the light of the place is not the best one. However, if I try using the default camera app, the focus works perfectly. Hence I think it’s not a problem of the device.

It’s an ASUS_Z012DE with Android 7.0.

Thanks for reporting. We’re looking into it.


Hello, Good evening

I am writing to inform you that since yesterday I have had problems with the appearance of the daily collections. Yesterday they appeared to me available at 19 hours and today they still do not appear.

I have restarted the app and mobile but they still do not appear.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

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@Enrique PIP campaign - #139 by jebyrne

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I have a problem with today’s collection, am using an Android phone and everytime I open the app and select the project it just closes down, and then there is a lag in editing box around a person, you edit on time but after that the box looks like its doesn’t go hand in hand with the person movement, it keeps lagging behind when the activity has take already taken place.

Please help me, thanks

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