BRIAR campaign


I am pleased to announce the BRIAR (Biometric Recognition and Identification at Altitude and Range) collection campaign.

The objective of BRIAR is to collect videos of subjects far away in order to improve the state of the art in visual biometrics. Biometrics is the study of identifying people using their unique physical and behavioral characteristics, such as their face or walking style. This problem is especially challenging at long ranges due to the variability of clothing that people wear, the low resolution of videos at long ranges and distortion of the videos due to atmospheric turbulence.

The BRIAR campaign will be collecting videos of subjects to support biometric research, including face, body, and gait recognition, from multiple ranges and elevations. This will involve collecting videos of you and your partner from far away with different clothes for each video. We will also be collecting face and body scans to model your unique physical characteristics.

I am pleased to share that our collection campaigns have been enthusiastically adopted by collectors around the world. The PIP campaign collected over one million videos from collectors like you, and these videos are being used by AI research labs around the world to improve the state of the art in visual AI research. We have worked hard to provide you with interesting campaigns to contribute to visual AI research, and the enthusiasm of the collector community has been a strong validation of our tools and methodology.

The BRIAR campaign will be performed over the next seven months. Due to the overwhelming support of the collector community, we currently have a backlog of interested collectors to join us. However, we want to continue working with you. If you are interested in joining the waitlist, please contact @LeanneTwine and @Manassehattwine and you will be notified when a collector spot opens.

On behalf of the visual AI research community and the Collector team, I thank you for all of your contributions so far, and I look forward to a bright 2022.



Hello All,

For anyone wanting to be added to the wait list please either email me or @Manassehattwine or message us on here with your email address so we can check your status and add you to the waiting list if you are not already on it.

We look forward to the next round of collections and working with our growing community.



All, the BRIAR campaign is now live. For those of you on the waitlist, we appreciate your patience and we will be in touch when a spot is available.

Please post clarifying questions on the BRIAR campaign here.


Today we can see 20 videos in dashboard is that all videos should be recorded today and for the next day there will be new task?
Prior it was told that 175 videos are total in number which we record in first wave. Is that so?

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You can repeat each collection shown in-app once per day. After 24 hours has passed, you may submit the same collection again with new clothes in a new location.

The total submissions for each collector in this campaign is 175 videos.


All, for the “BRIAR scan” videos, please pay close attention to the requirements for the angle. You will receive the feedback “Incorrect viewpoint” if the camera angles are not followed. Review the training videos closely.


Hi, I just wanna ask why isn’t reflected any activities on my account even though I have filled out already the form for BRIAR campaign

@John23 Please create an account with the same email address as specified your onboarding email. In your case, your email address should be all lower case, whereas in previous campaigns there was a capitalization in the first letter of your email address. We have modified your email address accordingly.


I’m sorry it’s my mistake, I used the email with small letter and filled the same email in form with small letter where in fact it should be having first letter in capitalized like in my account in Visym collector app. I filled out the form again, I hope it is right now

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Hi all I need to know is collection is limited to a collector ?

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Hi Jeff, where can I find the training videos?

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How long will each campaign last because I’m told it’s going to be done for the next six months

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I can no longer see the projects on my account. They were visible previously. Please advise

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@YaiPasua You are required to upgrade to the latest version of the Android app to continue. We sent you an email explaining this.


@Aljebra This campaign will last for up to seven months. Each collection has a maximum number of submissions allowed, so you may not see all of the collections each day. For example, some of the “BRIAR Scan” collections can be submitted only once.


@Dellah The training videos for each collection are shown to you in-app before you collect.


@williamjames Your subject can be a non-collector, however they must provide informed consent.


Yes I have upgraded. Still cant see them

@YaiPasua If you have upgraded to version 2.6.15, then this will be available for you in the next hour.

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