About today’s new collections (PIP)

Hi @jebyrne

The collection “put on jacket, zip, unzip and take off jacket” is impossible to perform in the 45 seconds limit. We tried but there’s not enough time to perform those 20 activities.

Also, we tried “trip on an object, lie down, stand” 6 or 7 times and finally made it fit in 45 seconds. But it was extremely hard. Can it be set to 3x instead of 5x?



Great feedback, yes we will change this. The 3x repeat will be reflected in tomorrow’s update.


Great, thank you!

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Please consider decreasing repetitions for ‘put on gloves’ collection to three times as well.


Yes these three collection were hard to do in time. Gloves, jacket and trip lay down.

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Yes, we will update this also.


Hi! My partner and I were able to do all the people collections on the 45 seconds, except for the “jacket” one, but to do so we had to reduce the 3 seconds pause to 1 second or even less. My question is, will those videos be accepted or should we respect the 3 seconds rule and do less activities?

Please do fewer repeats rather than not doing the pause.

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Good to know. Will do that tomorrow, then. Thanks!